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Completed Projects

One Jump Platformer

Manipulate the environment in this puzzle platformer with a unique twist... you can only jump once.

Rotate levels to solve puzzles

Solve puzzles by learning and understanding your environment. Use your single jump wisely.

Rotate levels to solve puzzles

Created in 48 hours for the 2019 GMTK Game Jam. The theme of the jam was Only One. In One Jump Platformer, you can only jump once per level.

Available to play in browsers at

Santa Needs Your Help

This fun, interactive story will delight children when parents read along with them. Children are tasked to make logical decisions in their adventure assisting Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

Santa Needs Your Help

Santa Needs Your Help is an interactive story that plays similarly to a visual novel. It was created in Unity using Fungus for Android devices.

Available for download on the Google Play Store

Demon Arena Madness

DAM is a 2D, top down, frantic survival trial. Navigate an arena while trying to avoid hordes of demons for as long a possible while gaining new powers that help you stay alive longer.

Demon Arena Madness is a game completed in the Unity engine. It can be played in a web browser or downloaded for Windows. The Windows version enjoys full controller support.

Download or preview Demon Arena Madness

The Eye

An interactive eductional "game" about the human eye. Known as Explorable Explanations by the organizers, The Eye was created for the first ever Explorables Jam, July 28 to August 19, 2018.

The Eye

Visit The Eye Website

Learn about Exploarble Explanations

Slam Ball

This is an old Flash game written in Action Script.

Slam Ball

Play Slam Ball