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Square BattleGlobal Game Jam 2023
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Easy Line RendererUnity editor tool
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Bonny and the
Hidden Treasure Map
Pirate adventure for children. Designed for mobile with the ability to play in portrait or landscape while maintaining the feel of an illustrated story book.
Landscape preview video
Portrait preview video
Live device rotation preview video
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Let me BEE!Global Game Jam 2022
Puzzle game with a drag and drop interface that uses affectors to infuence the path of a bee.
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Jason & Micheal
IVGDA Community Project for Roblox
Capture the Flag... In Space! Take your spaceship on the offensive or defended your home planet from the other team with mounted turrets.
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Magnetic Space
Platform Manipulator
GMTK Game Jam 2021
Connect points with line renderers to manipulate the environmet.
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Sofa Cushion SurpriseGlobal Game Jam 2021
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OOCTDGMTK Game Jam 2020
Tower defense game where the controls are constantly changing
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Networked Game
Networked game using Photon Unity Networking. This game was developed to learn the basics of Photon. It requires three users to play.
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The Repaire Shoppe
From Hell
Global Game Jam 2020
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One Jump PlatformerGMTK Game Jam 2019
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Project SunsetIVGDA Chicago 2019 Summer Jam
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Feet & Inches
Calculator that adds, subtracts, and converts feet and inches.
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Santa Needs
Your Help
Simple holiday adventure for children on mobile. Formerly available on Google Play Store.
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CheckersClassic board game for mobile and web.
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Demnon Arena MadnessFirst completed project in Unity. Full controller support for Windows version.
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